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If others tell us something we make assumptions, and if they don’t tell us something we make assumptions to fulfill our need to know and to replace the need to communicate. Even if we hear something and we don’t understand we make assumptions about what it means and then believe the assumptions. We make all sorts of assumptions because we don’t have the courage to ask questions. And if you insist on continuing to make assumptions about my character, I’ll advise you only this: assume you will always be wrong.

Tahereh Mafi & Miguel Ruiz

Don’t do something just to please someone.  Do it because you respect yourself enough to change for the better.

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And I just want to say thank you to all my friends.. thank you for being there for me when I am not very lovable.  Thank you for putting up with my immature self and still love me enough to stick by me.  Thank you for caring about me even when I am not enough to return the favor.

I may be stubborn and proud from time to time, and I may not like to admit it, but it’s because I just don’t know how to properly say thank you.

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Your Daily Relatable Love Quotes and Love Images

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How unfortunately true this is for some people.

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