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Honey’s 20th Birthday Dinner

I was late on posting this yesterday because of some technical difficulties.  Anyhow, yesterday, for my puppy’s birthday, we decided to dine at Steak N’ Shake and indulge in the fatty foods and all sorts of sweet goodies. ;)

We were first served one of the side dishes: Mandarin oranges. Something juicy, sweet, and simple to start off with.

Then our drink came: Peanut Butter Cup smoothie. It was humongous! We had to share it along with the gazillion calories in it. ;) But we could care less, since his birthday was an exception. 


Finally, our main course came. Mine was the Grilled Portobello ‘N Swiss steakburger with the side-dish of fries.  And my goodness, it was to die for. ^^ Simply delicious.

His was a Spicy Chipotle steakburger with the pepperjack cheese and melted bacon that was also quite delicious as well. But I’m biased in saying that mine was the better tasting one. :)

I was quite fast in gobbling down my steakburger with much intention of also licking my fingers (which I didn’t), for it was probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten this month since I’ve been back in my dorm. ;(  

Being the fatties we are, my honey and I ordered one more entrée.  I was too absorbed in our conversations that I completely forgot to take a picture of them. :( This was what was left after I came to my senses and got a quick shot of it right before he devoured it.  I believe this was a Pepperoni Melt.

Our delicious dinner ended with a lingering taste of all different flavors in our mouths.  This was my second time at Steak N’ Shake (first time was mentioned here) and honestly, I have no complaints about this place.  It’s a definite must-go-to-place.  Food is delicious and price is reasonable (if you compare it to Red Robin).

Hope he had a great birthday dinner with/without cake (although I did surprise him with a banana split sundae afterwards hehees~)! :D

  1. crazyashes said: 1. I wish you all wasn’t so far away, so i can surprise him with a cake. 2. I would like to try Steak ‘N’ Shake one day.
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